You had better Believe this is a French Roast- a nice dark, Sultry Smooth, cup of coffee fused with lighting. Creating a uniquely satisfying experience leaving you satisfied, yet thirsting for more.

French is the name applied to a degree of roast of coffee beans resulting in a dark brown coffee bean. In this roast, the beans are well into the second crack. French roasted beans will have a dark brown color and a shiny surface from its oils. Coffee brewed from French roasted beans will have the natural characteristic flavors of the bean muted, particularly any acidic notes. Bittersweet tones from the roast will dominate the flavor.  Allowing the coffee to have a smooth coca flavor with hints of smokiness.



Stand up

for what you


and together

we are Invincible!


16 oz. bag available in whole bean, drip grind, or espresso grind.