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Grinding since 2016

Coffee of the Month Club

Veteran owned and operated

I have served my country, I serve her still today. Mountain Air Roasters hand selects only the finest quality coffee beans – we are committed to providing coffee lovers, specialty gourmet coffee, air roasted to perfection…


By the cup

Air roasted on-site for the freshest most aromatic cup of coffee available.

bag 2

By the bag

Whole bean or ground, hand picked flavors from around the world.

large bags of Papua New Guinea coffee

by the pound

Air roasted to perfection, or green unroasted we sell it all from 12 oz to 200lb bags.

Best selection of Regional, Flavored, Specialty Blend, Organic, and Decaffeinated Coffees

Air Roasted to perfection and packaged unground Whole Bean plus Drip, Espresso, French Press, and Cold Brew grinding options.

coffee map

Brazilian – Medium roast, Chocolate, nutty, fruity aftertaste; light acidity, sweet, full body. Clean and balanced.

Columbian – Well-balanced acidity and a delicate body that starts off sweet and with slight notes of tart fruit and finishes with a bittersweet, dark-cocoa note.

Costa Rican

Ethiopian – Medium roast, with a floral aroma, candied lemons, and hints of pine.


Honduras Organic

Kenya – Magnolia, lavender, mulberry, oak in aroma and cup

Mexican Jaguar

Sumatra Organic

Columbian decaf – rich nutty flavor with slight hints of fruit and cocoa.


Jamaican – A sweet blend of Kahlua, caramel, and amazingness.



Whiskey Aged Sumatra – Bourbon/Whiskey and coffee infused Sumatra blend for a once in a lifetime cup of coffee!


Our Story

After ten years of service in the United States Navy, I worked a few odd jobs around Colorado. From my time in the Navy and the different jobs and assignments, there was this one constant that kept grabbing my attention; Bad Coffee! I have traveled the world and had the opportunity to sample many of the world’s assorted coffees and I just couldn’t get over the fact that everyone around me was satisfied with the same old out of a bucket coffee.

The problem with that bucket of coffee is in order to make it taste remotely respectable one must put twice as much coffee grounds as should be needed into the coffee maker. It may seem like that’s acceptable because of the low cost of that type of coffee. However, are you really saving money, and are you really satisfied with that cup you drink every morning? The answer to both of those questions is, NO! You’re using twice the grounds to get a cup of coffee that is something between water and mud.

I decided enough is enough. I researched and bought a local coffee roasting company and created Mountain Air Roasters. I import coffee beans from over a dozen diverse countries from around the world and roast them to perfection for your enjoyment. I also put my unique twist in your favorite flavored coffee, and created some new ones that are sure to grab your attention.


With Air Roasted Coffee you taste the coffee not the roaster. Using a fluid air bed  the coffee is roasted, being heated by the air alone, not the surface of the roaster. So the coffee has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, minus the acids and bitter tars that are produced by conventional drum roasters.


“In the coffee business there are a lot of experts, but few know what they are talking about.”

– Michael Sivetz

Chemical Engineer & Coffee Industry Consultant

Mountain Air Roasters chose air roasting over conventional roasting after researching the method and process of air roasting coffee – but ultimately it is the taste test that convinces people. Taste the difference!

coffee club

The Liberty coffee club, allows you to try new flavors, gift to your favorite people, or simply have your favorite delivered automatically right to your door. Choose the “coffee of the month” club option and enjoy a new flavor from around the world (air roasted to perfection) all year long. Grind options available; French Press, Cold Brew, Drip Grind, Espresso Grind, and Whole Bean.  You will never run out of coffee again!

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Green Coffee Beans

At Mountain Air Roasters we take pride in offering a wide selection of green unroasted coffee, from all over the world. Offering: Colombian, Brazil, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Kenyan, Mexican, Sumatra and a few Decaf Coffees as well.

AIR Roasted coffee

Our beans aren’t just roasted… they’re elegantly roasted as they levitate on a fluidized bed of clean, heated Rocky Mountain air. This keeps the beans moving and prevents buildup of bitter tasting tars. Air Roasted is Better! Taste the difference.

Liberty – Coffee Club!

Coffee Bean

Fresh Roasted Beans

Coffee Bean

Delivered Monthly

Coffee Bean


Daily if find the motivation to improve my life, to better the lives of my family and our commuinity.  But first Coffee! 🙂

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We created some great gear to help spread the word and start a movement for Air Roasted Coffee. Show your support and start a conversation.


I stopped in by accident, trying to find another shop, but decided I’d get a latte while I was there. Best latte I’ve had in a long time! 

Always fantastic service from friendly staff ?

Best espresso shot I have had in the valley. Really cool furniture and friendly staff.

Was passing thru GJ back to Denver. When I walked in, there was a fantastic smell and great energy! Cole served me one of the best lattes I’ve ever had (and I had coffee in Panama, fresh off the farm…). Bought a bag of Sumatra to go and brewed at home – best coffee!!!! Ordered more and he shipped it super fast. So happy to have great coffee and support a CO veteran owned business! Tell your friends THIS IS THE PLACE to get coffee!!

Best place to be well…… Any day!!! Great Coffee Great People Great snacks. If you haven’t tried the pretzels what are you waiting for!!

Amazing coffee. They have a staggering variety of blends, flavors, etc… all of them delicious! Ownership and staff are super friendly

I give this spot two thumbs up. I will be bringing family next time. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I loved.

Their coffee is delicious! They have a great environment where you can relax, read, play games, and chat with friends and family. They also have a wide selection of coffee beans to choose from!

Love it that it’s Veteran Owned, I’m a Veteran myself.


My raspberry chocolate latte is yummy

Maya was great!

Excellent service. Excellent choice to support freedom and the US Constitution. And even more than that this is freaking AMAZING coffee.

Come on In!


07 AM -6 PM


08 AM - 4 PM



(970) 433-4390



126 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501