Mountain Air Roasters is the Best!

What is Air Roasted Coffee?


Air roasting uses a fluid air bed to roast the coffee. The coffee beans are heated by the air alone, not the surface of a drum roaster.

Why is Air Roasting Better?


Air Roasted coffee has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, minus the acids and bitter tars that are produced by conventional drum roasters.

Don’t Take MY Word For It.

Mountain Air Roasters’ owner Cole Rath didn’t come up with this on his own, he learned from the father of Air Roasting, Michael Sivetz. He bought his first Air Roaster after reading Mike’s 736 page book Coffee Processing Technology. As a chemical engineer, Mr Sivetz devoted much of his life to better coffee through learning and understanding the entire chain of the coffee trade including the chemical process and science behind brewing it. He literally invented the Air Roaster. His achievements include:

• 3 patents
• SCAA Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)
• 2003 Coffee Person of the Year – Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

Still Not Convinced?


Have a look at the Sivetz Coffee Company’s Website – they manufacter the Roaster and explain the complex process in a simple and easy to understand manner. I suppose they could be biased, they make the roaster after all!

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Mountain Air Roasters is the Best!


OK, now you’ll have to take my word for it, or talk with their devoted customers, or try some of the specialty blends yourself. Roasting, Blending, Flavoring, and Infusing Coffee is still an art much like brewing or cooking. It’s not just using the best tools of the trade it’s also how you use them. 

air roasted coffee customer review

Cole has a real passion and a knack for producing great coffee. He’s also a smart guy devoted to his craft, why else would he read a rather dry 736 page book entitled Coffee Processing Technology! That’s him and his wife in the picture at the top of this page, sitting in front of their “small” air roaster (they have a large one too).

If you’re in the neighborhood stop by for a sample and a quick tour. If you’re not from around here, drop them a line with any questions or request their 2oz. 12 sample variety pack. Warning; Better coffee is even MORE addictive than regular and “canned” coffee – your taste buds know what they like!

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