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These trails have been hiked and validated for awesomeness by this guy with two thumbs !!

If you are new to the Grand Junction area, I would say to you look up ! We are in one of the most prime locations for hiking in the United States!! To the north we have the Book Cliffs and part of them being Mt Garfield.. To the East you find the Mesa, a beautiful table like mountain range, loaded with unlimited camping and hiking potential West, you will find the glorious Colorado Nation Monument, and To the South enters a whole new spectrum of desert and the Colorado river, creating Bangs Canyon..

Lets cut to some calorie burning material !! Below are the top 5 hiking trails in Grand Junction..


Devils Kitchen

Its located at the base of the Colorado National Monument, they charge a hefty 15.00 fee these days, I would recommend if you plan on hiking up on the Colorado National Monument more then 3 times a year to get a pass.. 45.00 and rip of the and aid! They also honor Veterans with a valid id hiking is free… so a small peace of your soul gets you some free trails, unexpected perk of valor.

Devils Kitchen is an easy 1.8 mile out and back hike with a beautiful view of Grand Junctions canyons at the end/middle. As you are hiking you will see the gifts of wild flowers, possibly mountain goat, no not the hippy bear drinking people, while you may see them as well I mean a real wild mountain goat scaling the red rock walls making you reconsider the definition of cardio itself! Devils kitchen has a unique rock formation allowing the brave to walk to the edge of, a long drop, and a quick stop… and the rest of us to peer from common senses arm given distance, to view a painted canvas of a scene worthy of a ninja turtles painting. (Enter shameless plug for business here) The perfect place to drink a morning cup of coffee, perhaps the Morning Inspiration, from Mountain Air Roasters.

Free you feet and find soul with a little adventure.

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